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Wipe each cell - Nakyoung Kim

Wipe each cell

It feels like I'm cleaning up the emotional energy that's imprinted on each cell.

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It turns out to be a leaf - Nakyoung Kim

It turns out to be a leaf

 A beautiful translucent leaf flashed across before I was going to bed.

The bright green leaf has dark green colour only edges.

And pink lights sparkle in front of it.


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A coral window - Nakyoung Kim

A coral window

 Everyone has a subjective point of view. 

Even if I say the same thing, you can feel or accept it differently due to the environment, experience, and perspective of being born or formed vary.

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What is this? - Nakyoung Kim

What is this?

Something transparent in the ocean

and three fish with different colours (red, yellow, blue) around it.

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