Big Wild Cat - Nakyoung Kim

Big Wild Cat

 An image occurred to me that the big cat and animal stared at the front quietly and proudly.  From my point of view, this animal was sitting with ...

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It turns out to be a leaf - Nakyoung Kim

It turns out to be a leaf

 A beautiful translucent leaf flashed across before I was going to bed.

The bright green leaf has dark green colour only edges.

And pink lights sparkle in front of it.


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A coral window - Nakyoung Kim

A coral window

 Everyone has a subjective point of view. 

Even if I say the same thing, you can feel or accept it differently due to the environment, experience, and perspective of being born or formed vary.

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What is this? - Nakyoung Kim

What is this?

Something transparent in the ocean

and three fish with different colours (red, yellow, blue) around it.

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