See, explore, be inspired and create

I am an artist currently working in Jeonju, Korea. I studied BFA in Painting at Hongik University, Seoul and MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, the UK.
I have a deep passion for getting to know this world and life. And I am inspired through these experiences then images come to me by perception, instinct or intuition. So I capture the images that pass by and show them. And I'm mainly working with acrylic and gouache, but trying to express it in the most suitable material and method for each image.

 I am interested in discovering what is invisible from what is visible, and I get to know the world through the organic connection between what happens and the nature of what is contained in it. And my work is an expression of feeling based on the inner perception of these experiences. It intuitively displays various colours and symbolic images. 

 During working, the Self is explored. When I draw images that come up to me with inspiration, I can discover a message from the Self and the voice inside I could not notice.

 It is a journey in which these inspiration, senses, and intuition are visualised at last.