Amethyst-Coloured Plant of Dream | 꿈결의 자주빛 식물


Amethyst-Coloured Plant of Dream / acrylic, gouache, paper cut-outs
Amethyst-Coloured Plant of Dream / acrylic, gouache, paper cut-outs

 It was the middle of the night. During a momentary awakening, I saw an image. 

I thought I had woken up and seen it. But it was so confusing, as if it belonged to a dream. It's the kind of thing where details change instantly, more akin to something observed in a dream.

 On the wall, there was a completed painting of one of my previous plant sketches. The leaves, resembling those stuck in a vase, sprawled luxuriously in various directions. 

However, as I gazed downward, initially believing it to be a potted plant, I realised the stems sprouted from the white floor. 

It was then that I recognised the hue as amethyst. Even on the white floor, it seemed as if ink had gently bled, infusing it with a faint shade of purple.

Glancing upwards again, the background behind the plant reminded me of luxurious teal wallpaper, giving off a solid and refined feeling.

 한밤 중 잠깐 깬 비몽사몽 중 본 이미지.

깨서 보았다 생각했지만 꿈인 듯 헷갈리는 그것은

한 순간 디테일이 뒤바뀌는 것이, 꿈결에 관찰한 게 맞는가 보다. 

 전에 그린 식물 스케치 중 하나가 완성된 그림으로 벽에 걸려 있었는데

화병에 꽂힌 듯 잎들이 여러 갈래로 풍성히 뻗어 있다. 

그러다 화분이라 생각한 아래를 보니 흰 바닥에서부터 줄기들이 솟아 있고

그제야 그 색이 자주빛이란 걸 깨닫는다.

그리고 하얀 바닥에도 잉크가 퍼진 듯 자주색이 약간 물들어 있다.  

다시 살짝 위를 보면 식물 뒤편의 배경이 고급스러운 청록색 벽지를 연상시키며 단단한 느낌을 준다. 


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